What People Are Saying

"This ministry is unbelievable! Never did I ever think that there would be such a thing in the Church of Christ! What a blessing this has been to my life. I am so encouraged. It is helping me in my battle for righteousness in an incredible way!"

G.L. in Ontario, Canada


I have always felt very defeated and unable to shrug off the stigma of homosexuality. Praise God for starting something like this, which is LONG overdue in our family of churches.

A.E. South Africa


"God is going to use your work in a great way.  Just hearing Christians write about their experiences has helped me so much and it gives voice to my struggles in this area. I look forward to sharing the site with my own church leaders. These topics are of great concern that need addressing!  

K.M. in California. U.S.A.


"I am so excited that you have started this ministry. I am a disciple in Florida. We need this ability to be open about anything and not rejected. Thank you for taking this initiative."

A.N. in Florida, U.S.A.


Pretty cool site! I have had counselling off and on for my problems with homosexuality  and God has graciously changed much of my character but my unwanted same sex attractions are still very difficult.  I have been praying for God to guide and provide me with whatever it is that I need to grow to be the man I am supposed to be and I trust this ministry is answer to those prayers."

M.A. Maryland, U.S.A.


I just wish you could be sitting with me in this cyber-cafe where I have been fighting back my tears over and over again these articles on Strength In Weakness. I am speechless and have just my heart to thank you!

T.J. in East Africa


Where have I been?  White-knuckling it by the grace of God!  I'm grateful for all of you and your openness on this site! It inspires me.  I have been encouraged to be candid about my life on this website.  Finally, the internet used for HOLY purposes!  It's great that when I get out of work and go online at 1a.m., I have something much more productive to do.

J.E. in Maine, U.S.A.


You know what? I have been keeping away from the internet because of my struggles with looking at pornography, but I have found your ministry and I know it will help me. I pray that God will carry unto completion this wonderful task that He has started.  Thank You!

F.F.  in Bermuda


"I have downloaded the Quiet Times. Thank you for this. Please pray that God will help me repent. 

O.K. in Kenya


"Since the conception of Strength in Weakness Ministries, I have been able to be more open about who I really am to others and through this ministry have developed friendships with people who share in the same kinds of trials as me; friendships that will last a lifetime. I know that I am no longer alone, as I was for so many years.  Thank you God for loving me! "

D.B.  in Canada

Who Are We

We are a Christian organization that bridges the gap between the Christian community and the LGBTQ community through awareness, education and support.

Strength in Weakness Ministries is currently assisting Christians from hundreds of Christian congregations in countries on every continent the world over. As well, we are teaching Evangelists, Pastors, Church Leaders, Pastoral Care Workers and all Christians how to effectively counsel Christian men and women who are same gender attracted; parents, spouses and siblings how to deal with this challenge in their family relationships, and all Christ followers how to reach out to our gay neighbours for Christ through our workshops.



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