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Field of Flowers

Proof that you're more to God than your mistakes.

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Proof That You Are More to God Than Your Mistakes

Have you ever silently wondered whether or not you are truly forgiven and will indeed enter heaven? How solid are God's promises, especially when we have sinned significantly? A hope-filled lesson for all! 50 min.


Quenching Our Emotional Thirsts

We are all guilty of going to polluted wells in order to quench our emotional thirsts. Learn strategies on how we can consistently turn to God to receive the pure water of life that will truly quench our souls. 50 min.


The Power to Become: No Matter How Low You Have Fallen, God Has a Plan to Use Your Life

Learn from the stories of others whose lives had become a mess, but whom God used to honor and glorify him regardless. No matter what you are guilty of, God desires to do something amazing with your life so that you can use your mess to bless others. 50 min.


A Class for Marrieds: How to Cherish Your Spouse

Guy (who is homosexually attracted) was happily married to his wife Cathy (who was heterosexually attracted) for 28 love-filled years. Learn the heart, attitude, and strategies that Guy and Cathy used to honor God with their marriage. 45 min.


Preaching at Your Sunday Service

Choose from one of the following 40 min

1. God Is Closer Than You Think

2. To Infinity and Beyond: Being Inspired by the Promise of Heaven

3. Even This Shall Pass Away: How to Keep Going When Life Has Hit You Hard

4. Using Your Mess to Bless: How God Wants to Use Your Areas of Struggle and Weakness to Bless Those Around You.


Watch the Movie FINDING GUY . . . With Guy! He'll be available for Q & A after the viewing

FINDING GUY was five years in the making and was nominated for Best Director and Best Documentary at the 2018 International Christian Film Festival in Miami, and Best Documentary at the 2018 New York Film Festival. Watch the trailer!