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Are YOU same sex attracted and need help? Start Here.

Dear Brother or Sister,

Did you live a homosexual life before you became a Christian? Do you still live with unwanted same sex attractions as a follower of Jesus? Are you tired of fighting this battle alone? Do you wish you had someone to talk to who really, I mean really understands your heartache, frustration and confusion? Do you need some direction and encouragement? You have come to the right place! Welcome to Strength in Weakness Ministries! We are here for you; you are not alone!  

This ministry was started by disciples of Jesus who like you, are same gender attracted but who, by the grace of God, have found tremendous amounts of healing and victory. Living with same sex attractions as a single man or woman, or especially as someone who is married is difficult and challenging, to say the least, but we believe that God longs for us to experience a life full of peace and fulfillment, regardless of our sexual orientation.

Dr. Mark A. Yarhouse, professor of psychology at Regent University could not have explained the daunting task you and I face better when he said; "Perhaps no group of people finds itself as much a casualty of a war that has already been won than those Christians who contend with same-sex attraction. After all, they believe Christ secured them victory, and they enjoy the knowledge of salvation. Yet, they also continue to struggle with homosexual desires, and they do not believe that these attractions reflect God's best for them."[i]

That is our challenge, isn't it? Even though we have been set free by the blood of Christ, our struggles with same gender attractions often leave us feeling (and living) like we are still in slavery. The problem is only compounded by the fact that these issues are complex and multi-layered. There are no easy answers at hand. How should we proceed from here?  At the risk of offering an answer that may at first sound simplistic, we believe the answer is to stay in the loving embrace of Jesus, and if you have left that embrace, to run back as fast as you can.  The following truths are what we believe are the keys:

We believe that God's love for you does not increase when you are righteous, nor does it decrease when you sin. His love for you remains at the same overflowing level constantly and consistently, regardless of your level of obedience. We choose to obey God not to get Him to love us, but because we love Him.We believe that God loves you so much that he would rather have you with all your brokenness, just as you are right now than not have you at all.We believe that we may have not chosen to be same gender attracted, but we do have the freedom in Christ to choose the path of self-denial and obedience to God. It is about making daily choices.We believe that while other may want to identify us with a label, to God we are simply His children. We are not gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, homosexual, or even ex-gay. Do not let yourself be branded. There is so much more to our lives than our sexual orientations. We are great husbands and wives, loving parents, loyal and trustworthy friends, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, trusted employees and helpful contributors to our communities and churches, but first and foremost we are Christians, loved sons and daughters of God.  Your heavenly Father is not ashamed of Christians who are same gender attracted. You and your weaknesses are not bad public relations to God. He wants to use your life to glorify Him, provided you'll let Him.These themes will be taught and re-taught by this ministry, they are the keys to your victory.

So where do you go from here?

You will notice that there is a "Members Area" of this site. You will find here a community of disciples who are "undergoing the same kinds of sufferings" as you are (1 Peter 5:9). There is an interactive forum, Quiet Times and  Bible studies written specifically for same sex attracted disciples, sections just for women and campus students and marrieds, live webinars, and testimonies authored by faithful Christian men and women of all ages and backgrounds who are living a victorious life over their homo-erotic attractions. 

We share in your concern for privacy and confidentiality, therefore the "Members Area" portion of the site is also "Username" and "Password" protected; your identity will not be known to anyone, unless you decide to release that information on your own terms.

In short, the "Members Area" is a safe place for you to learn, grow and find love and encouragement in a confidential, non judgmental and compassionate environment that is dedicated to helping same gender attracted Christians live successful, righteous and God centered lives. I hope you will join us.

Please know that the very fact you are reading this letter is an answer to prayer. As the founder of this ministry, let me say with all humility that I do not have all the answers, but I believe that with all of us working and journeying together, we can all be successful in living holy lives before God.

[i] Yarhouse, Mark A., and Lori A. Burkett. Sexual Identity a Guide to Living in the Time Between the Times. Lanham, Md: University P of America, 2003. 3.



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