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Homosexuality: is there a more controversial subject in our world today? Have you ever wondered what is safe, and helpful, to say to someone you care to help, but find yourself only frustrated, lost for the right words? What workable, scriptural answers can Christians offer to those who long for credible responses in a world that is predominantly filled with confusion and ambiguity? And what of those in our churches who live with unwanted, same-sex attractions? Understanding what works and what doesn't when offering support is critical to the success of helping these men and women navigate their Christian lives. This book is a reliable resource that can be securely used in addressing these issues with confidence and competence. Guy Hammons is the founder and executive director of Strength in Weakness Ministries, whose aim is to train Christian leaders and members alike to work compassionately with those who are same-gender attracted. In Caring Beyond the Margins: What Every Christian Needs to Know About Homosexuality, you will benefit from the wisdom and life experiences of one who personally shares in the journey of those who truly do strive for "strength in weakness" (see 2 Corinthians 12:9).


"Guy Hammond's caring and courageous ministry is a providential godsend to a segment of society that the church typically neither understands nor wishes to welcome."

~ Dr. F. LaGard Smith Professor of law, Faulkner University Montgomery, Alabama


"Guy Hammond's honesty, humility, and loving approach are reminiscent of Jesus' outreach to all people."

~ Dr. G. Steve Kinnard Evangelist and Teacher New York City Church of Christ

Caring Beyond The Margins

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