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So you have the opportunity to study the Scriptures with someone who is same-sex attracted, or who identifies themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. Congratulations. What an honor! In this companion volume to Caring Beyond the Margins, Guy Hammond provides additional studies for individuals with same-sex attractions who are studying the Bible. These studies are designed, not to replace the study series used by your local church, but to complement them and build on them. Before you begin to teach, please spend time considering the insights presented in this book. You will need to understand and accept them with your heart, mind and sentiment so that your dialogue can be relevant and "seasoned with salt." The workbook has six lessons with discussion questions included. Study One: Celebrating the Freedom of Choice Study Two: Holiness, Not Heterosexuality, Part 1 Study Three: Holiness, Not Heterosexuality, Part 2 Study Four: God, the Architect of the Heart Study Five: Quenching Our Emotional Thirsts, Part 1 Study Six: Quenching Our Emotional Thirsts, Part 2

Thriving Beyond The Margins

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