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How to defeat temptation in under 60 seconds.

And how to recover quickly when you don't.

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Sweating the Small Stuff

There is no such thing as a minor temptation! Left unchecked, even a small temptation has the potential to sink your life faster than the Titanic hitting an iceberg. Learn strategies on how to quickly overcome any temptation in under 60 seconds! 50 min.


​How to Make it to the End Without Becoming a Statistic

Boundaries, guardrails, and living one's life in the light with transparency and honesty are countercultural, yet these Christian disciplines are often the deciding factors between those who make it long term and those who don't! 50 min.


Temptation: The Most Exciting Part of Your Day!

It's time to redefine the word "temptation." Most Christians do not appreciate God's master plan in allowing temptation in our lives. While Satan is using it as a weapon of mass destruction, God uses temptation to help us grow into spiritual wholeness. 50 min.


3 Steps to Recovering Quickly After a Spiritual Fall

In spite of our best efforts, the reality is that we will all suffer spiritual falls repeatedly. How should we deal with this reality? What is God's plan in this? How can we recover quickly after sinning so that we can return to following God's will as quickly as possible? 50 min.


A Class for Marrieds: How to Cherish Your Spouse

Guy (who is homosexually attracted) was happily married to his wife Cathy (who was heterosexually attracted) for 28 love-filled years. Learn the heart, attitude, and strategies that Guy and Cathy used to honor God with their marriage. 45 min


Preaching at Your Sunday Service

Choose from one of the following 40 min.

1. The Power to Become: No matter how you've messed up, you are more to God than your mistakes!

2. To Infinity and Beyond: Being Inspired by the Promise of Heaven

3. Even This Shall Pass Away: How to Keep Going When Life Has Hit You Hard

4. Using Your Mess to Bless: How God Wants to Use Your Areas of Struggle and Weakness to Bless Those Around You.


Watch the Movie FINDING GUY . . . With Guy! He'll be available for Q & A after the viewing

FINDING GUY was five years in the making and was nominated for Best Director and Best Documentary at the 2018 International Christian Film Festival in Miami, and Best Documentary at the 2018 New York Film Festival. Watch the trailer!